Introduction to rewinder conditioning technology and rewinding technology

1. Adjust the transfer bezel to the appropriate distance (by tightening the manual button under the transfer bezel). Load the perforated coated paper roll into the paper feeder, pass the paper through the paper shaft, press it with a rubber roller, adjust both ends of the slitting roller, adjust the hand turn to the appropriate pressure (the clockwise pressure is small, and vice versa), and then start the electric knob, adjust the speed from slow to fast, and use the speed difference between the fast and slow rollers to separate the coated paper.

2. Adjust the feed tape (you can use either one) so that the rewinder aligns with the perforated side of the coated paper roll. According to the size of the paper to be cut, adjust the handwheel on the operating surface so that the distance between the two sets of paper pressing rollers is suitable. (Shake clockwise The distance between the two rollers becomes smaller, otherwise it becomes larger.) When installing the skewers, turn to the perforated side of the coated paper roll and adjust the angle.

The paper rolls rolled out by the rewinder are relatively soft and may be damaged or broken inside. The edges on both sides are irregular and the paper width is too large to be used directly in paper processing or printing presses. Most papers (newsprint, letterpress, wrapper, etc.). The paper core must be trimmed, cut, joined and rewound to form a finished paper roll with the appropriate specifications and tightness requirements before leaving the factory.

The rewinding process of the winder mainly accomplishes three tasks:

First, cut off the base paper burrs;

Second, cut the entire base paper into several widths that meet the user's specifications;

Third, control the roll diameter of the finished paper roll to make it meet the factory specifications.

The automatic trimming, glue, sealing and shaft pulling of the rewinder are completed synchronously, so that there will be no paper loss when the rolling paper is transferred to the band saw to cut and package; Each shaft has a separate tension adjustment mechanism for pneumatic feeding, rewinding reels and base paper

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