What are the "parts" of a paper machine?

Paper machine, as the name implies, is a kind of equipment used for papermaking, and the emergence of this equipment brings great convenience to our lives, and what parts are composed of this magical equipment? In view of this, the paper machine manufacturer - Haitian Paper summarized a few points, I hope it can be helpful to you.

Paper machines can be roughly divided into the main engine part and the auxiliary system part;

The main engine part is roughly divided into wet part, dry part, and curl part. The wet part can be understood as the part with a relatively large water content of the paper page; The dry part is the dry part of the paper page with very little moisture; Curling is the mechanism in which the pages are rolled up.

Referring to the content of the picture, the headbox, the net part, and the pressure part can be counted as the wet part; The drying part, sizing, coating, and calendering are considered cadres; Then there's curling. Because there is no academic involved, please do not delve into the concept of classification.

An auxiliary system, literally, is the part of a secondary host that fulfills its function.

For modern high-speed paper machines, the various systems are complementary to each other, and there is no primary and secondary function or role. Assistive system is also just a title. Just like mobile phones, in addition to calling and short message functions, there are also various functions such as taking photos, social networking, wallets, etc., to meet people's needs for quality of life and efficiency. Paper machines, too, need to pursue high efficiency, and so-called auxiliary systems are already essential.

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