Paper machine basic classification

According to the needs of the copying process, the structure of the paper machine is diverse, generally composed of flowing, forming, pressing, drying, finishing, winding and transmission and auxiliary equipment and other supporting equipment.

Forming section

Paper machines

It is composed of headbox, chest roller, forming mesh, suction tank and ambush roller. The headbox spreader sprays the pulp sent by the flow system evenly to the forming net, and the pulp speed and the screen speed should match. Controlling the pulp speed and network speed is the main factor in choosing the headbox box. Fully enclosed hydraulic headbox is to adjust the pulp speed by adjusting the pulp feeding pressure of the punching pump, which is suitable for high-speed paper machines; The air cushion headbox is to adjust the pressure of the air cushion to regulate the speed, while the open high-level headbox is to adjust the height of the pulp level in the box to adjust the speed, which is suitable for medium-speed paper machines; The open compartment headbox is suitable for low-speed paper machines. The forming net is an endless annular net, between the chest roller and the volt roller, forming a horizontal or slightly inclined straight mesh surface, as a pulp dewatering working section, it is customary to call it a net case, so it is called a long net. If the gratuitous forming mesh is placed on a circular mesh cage, it becomes an arc-shaped dehydration forming working section, which is called a round mesh. If a steel mesh drum with holes is used to suck vacuum from the shaft end to accelerate the dehydration of the pulp on the mesh surface, it is called vacuum round mesh or vacuum forming mesh. If the pulp is clamped by two long meshes, and the two meshes are dehydrated at the same time, it is called a clamp mesh former (Figure 2). These formers use different forms of dewatering elements to accelerate the dewatering of the pulp on the web. There are three types of components: stationary, rotation and both. Stationary components such as dehydration plates, curved vacuum boxes, etc., rotating elements such as case rolls, vacuum forming rollers, etc. In addition to using a single form former to form a long screen machine, a circular screen paper machine, and a clamp screen paper machine, there is also a forming part that combines a combination of multi-long mesh, multi-round mesh, multi-clamp mesh and multi-form long mesh hybrid former.

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