Routine maintenance measures for rewinders

A rewinder is a kind of papermaking equipment. After the paper passes through the equipment, it is made into finished paper and leaves the factory. At present, the use of AC drives instead of DC drives in equipment has become a development trend in the tissue processing equipment industry.

Rewinders are mainly used to convert large toilet paper from single-layer rewinders and slitters into single-layer, two-layer or three-layer specifications for folding paper towels, napkins, boxed facial tissues, etc.

Equipment failures will be encountered when using the equipment, and the daily maintenance is as follows:

1. Transmission devices, such as gear chains, need to be lubricated for a period of time.

2. There is usually no problem with the rewinder, and the wearing parts are just pinions. If you add another one, the printing knife will be easily broken. After a year and a half of use, the wool roller will become thinner. It needs to be sent back to the factory for repair. If it is necessary to replace the embossing pattern on the embossing device of the steel roller, the steel roller needs to be transported back to the original factory for transformation, which is not costly.

The winder must be operated by a fixed person who can master start-up and bag-making procedures, simple instrument commissioning and parameter modification. Mechanical instrument commissioning personnel need to have strict requirements for manufacturers, and can master instrument performance, working procedures, operating modes, working states and common fault elimination; It is strictly forbidden to operate computer instruments without personnel.

The daily basic cleaning of the equipment needs to keep the inside and outside of the computer instrument box clean and dry; Check for loose or detached timing terminals. Make sure the circuit and air path are clear.

Basic cleaning of the winder includes:

1. The metering part of the equipment should be cleaned in time after shutdown, for example, the packaging is sugar, plate blue root granules, salt, etc. It must be ensured that the unloading tray and turntable of each shift are cleaned to prevent corrosion.

2. The body of the heat sealer should be cleaned frequently to make the texture of the equipment seal clear.

3. The photoelectric follow-up light-emitting head, that is, the electric eye, should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that the cursor follow-up error is small.

4. The scattered materials on the pallet should be cleaned up in time to keep the parts clean.

5. Clean the dust in the electrical cabinet regularly to avoid failures such as poor contact. The newly installed rewinder requires the transmission and moving parts to be inspected, tightened, refueled and maintained within a week. Regular inspection and maintenance are required monthly.

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