What is a slitter rewinder's cleaning device?

The slitter rewinder includes a rack equipped with a paper stock rack, a paper feeding mechanism, a rewinding station, a paper cutting tube station and a conveyor mechanism. The paper cutter plumber station is above the winding station. The cut paper tube is connected to a mandrel mounted on a rack, a spindle mounted on a support with an exposed end. The transmission mechanism has a pair of movable support blocks, each of which has its own transmission mechanism. The movable support block is a wedge, and the support block is disposed at the Z low of the movable support block. The drive guide plate is equipped with a moving block with Z high and Z low walking positions. When the movable block reaches the Z high stroke position, the movable block lifts the mandrel from the bracket, and the mandrel reaches the Z low stroke position along the wedge surface. When the movable block reaches the Z low stroke position, the mandrel is separated from the movable block onto the drive roller of the rewinding station. The movable stand moves back and forth between the Z high and Z low movement positions. The cutting rewinder has only one machine to realize the advantages of paper tube cutting and finished paper rolls.

The cleaning device of the slitter rewinder consists of a washing roller, a drying roller and a sticky dust wheel. The drying roller is set between the cleaning roller and the sticky dust wheel. The cleaning roller of this product is annular and has multiple suction ports. There are brushes on both sides of the suction hole. The suction hole is connected with the negative pressure chamber of the cleaning roller, and the negative pressure chamber is connected with the negative pressure gas pipe. The outer surface of the drying roller is connected with the hygroscopic cotton layer. A layer of gel is attached to the surface of the dust wheel to eliminate static electricity. In the use of the present invention, large particles of impurities can be eliminated by multiple treatments, and various dusts can also be removed to ensure the cleanliness of the paper, thereby ensuring the normal production of the later process. The present invention has a simple structure, reasonable setup, and low production cost.

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