Vacuum systems for paper machines

In the auxiliary system of the paper machine, the energy consumption of the vacuum system accounts for 30%~40% of the entire system, and some are even higher.

Problems faced by vacuum systems

In the paper machine auxiliary system, the vacuum system plays an extremely important role in both energy consumption and equipment investment.

The speed and quantity of modern paper machines are changing more and more, and the type of paper is also changing with the market. Vacuum systems face serious challenges:

(1) The vacuum system must be refined to adapt to changes in paper volume and speed;

(2) The vacuum system must adapt to the mesh formed at different stages of use of the paper machine;

Vacuum systems must provide optimal water and electricity consumption and save energy.

Comparison of two vacuum systems

Water ring vacuum pump vacuum system

The principle of water ring vacuum pump will not be introduced here, and a lot of information is introduced. The vacuum system of the paper machine is shown in Figure 1. In the actual design process, some other vacuum systems are also derived from this, but their basic core remains unchanged, mainly including steam separators, water ring vacuum pumps, vacuum pump water ring water systems (vacuum pump water collection tanks, self-priming tanks, cooling towers and other equipment).

Inverter turbo vacuum system

The working principle of the turbo vacuum pump: from each vacuum suction water mixture of the paper machine into a special vapor separator, the pumped liquid and lost fine fibers are installed at the bottom of the gas-water separator through the pump, and the gas enters the turbine, and the vacuum pump passes through the filter. As the turbovacuum pump impeller rotates, the gas enters the hole in the middle of the impeller and accelerates the pressurization through the radial rotation of the impeller. Generally, one multi-stage turbo vacuum pump and two single-stage turbo vacuum pumps are used together to meet the vacuum requirements of different suction points of the paper machine.

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