Papermaking equipment maintenance

Papermaking equipment maintenance

Maintenance management of papermaking equipment

In the process of using the equipment, regular maintenance of the equipment can reduce the wear degree of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment. The maintenance and management of mechanical equipment should do a good job of corresponding equipment maintenance records, statistics on maintenance methods of different types of equipment, formulate standard implementation documents, and the content of the document should describe in detail the steps, methods, technical requirements, etc. of maintenance, so that future maintenance personnel can take this as a reference and strictly implement the content of the document. In the actual process of maintenance and maintenance, the documents are continuously improved according to the new problems encountered.

Repair work for papermaking equipment

In the maintenance management of papermaking equipment, it is necessary to improve the scientificity and effectiveness of management, and the production equipment can be classified and managed to determine different maintenance management methods. For some large-scale, continuous production of important equipment should pay attention to regular maintenance, to avoid the occurrence of sudden failure of mechanical equipment similar equipment, or the equipment of non-important processes can be repaired afterwards, for the mechanical equipment and rare equipment with high precision in important processes that can reduce unnecessary repair human resources expenditure and repair costs, predictive maintenance should be implemented, regular observation and inspection of the use of equipment, saving repair costs, and improving the utilization rate of equipment.

In order to ensure the order and effective operation of papermaking equipment maintenance work, enterprises must formulate sound mechanical equipment technical data and perfect maintenance implementation procedures. The technical data of the equipment must create detailed records of each device, such as the name of the equipment, the model, the date of delivery, the manufacturer, the information of the telephone-related service parts of the service agent, etc. In addition, detailed service records should be made, and the service personnel of each mechanical equipment should conduct fault analysis of mechanical components to provide reference for the maintenance of future service personnel. The steps of the repair execution procedure, first of all, the person in charge of the equipment or the staff fill in the fault application form of the repair equipment, mainly including the name, model, manufacturer, fault phenomenon, etc. of the equipment, and the person in charge of the repair shall formulate the repair plan and method as soon as possible. After the maintenance of papermaking equipment is completed, the maintenance personnel should analyze the equipment failure, propose corresponding preventive maintenance measures, regularly check the maintenance parts, and improve the efficiency of the equipment.

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